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Thats a Wrap! The football season has come to an end.

The season is over and while The Valkyries didn't get the 3-0 they were hoping for after their game against The Skagit Valley Warriors, they ended the season 2-1.

The Warriors scored their first and only touch down during the first quarter. Valkyries held strong for the rest of the game and ended with a score of 6-2. We walk away with a win in our hearts and our heads held high, knowing we battled to the very end. It was an amazing fight, game and season and we can't wait for next year.

Valkyries will come back stronger and better, as they have every single season! You ladies played your hearts out and there is nothing more we could ask for. We are so proud to call ourselves a Valkyrie Family.

Our Players of The Game:

Rookie of the game-Haley Brennan (38)

Offensive POG- Rocky (20)

Defensive POG- Alisja Injinmej (27)

O Line POG- Shannon Waggnoer (21)

MVP of The Game is Rocky (20)

Thank you to The Warriors and Spartans for another year in the books. Thank you to all of our coaches and board members for the time and commitment you give to this family. Thank you to our volunteers, community and sponsors for all of the support you continue to give us each and every single year! Lastly, a big THANK YOU to the ladies on the field who become Valkyries.

Once a Valkyrie,
Always a Valkyrie!
Valkyries on 3 Family on 6

Photo by our lovely photographer of the season: Amber at Love in Frame Photography

Please visit our website, Facebook Page and Instagram for up and coming information about what is to come for the Valkyries. We look forward to fundraising all year long and hope you join us on our newest endeavors.


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