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Introducing Our 2023 Valkyries

First of all I'd like to say Thank You for being with us thus far.

It has been a busy few months for us. From conditioning to practices, fundraisers and a few team bonding events off the field. This week we took advantage of the sunny weather and had our team pictures done by Connie Pray. Thank you Connie!

Meet the 2023 Valkyries!

Top Row: Dawn Hiatt 88 (Board Secretary), Coach Lopez (Offensive Coordinator), Coach Travis (Head Coach), Coach Sauter (Assistant Coach), Rosa Allred 55, Mishel Jarmush 45, Haley Brennan 38, Suzie Ashworth 48, Rachel Glad 66, Krissa Bennett 32, April Bosley 95, Rebecca (Big Red) Bernstein 19, Dem Howard 14, Vanessa Parrott 78, Jennifer Renyolds 35, Michele Walsh 11 (QB), Reanna Roy 31, Coach Nate (Line Coach), Coach Aaron (QB Coach).
Middle Row: Nikki Kautz 77 (Board President), Rene Miller 4 (Captain), Hillary Laswell 37, Brena McDermott 15, Alisha Injinmej 27 (Captain), Crystal Sager 80, Shannon Waggoner 21 (Captain), Lisa Carl (QB) 89, Carolyn Zepeda 2, Amber Saffaell 70, Charissa Buxton 12, Ashley Ball 44, Sarah Cooper (Line Coach), Rose Crandall 3 (Vice President).
Bottom Row: Coach Esteban, Renee Matthews 13, Tawny Waters 8, Vannah Dauber 84, Jazmine Gutierrez 33 (Captain), Kelsey Prall 1, Angela Lopez 53, Ashley Covington 98, Kelli Drake 5, Coach Epi (Defensive Coordinator).

Speaking of Fundraisers

The Valkyries are looking for Program Sponsors. Your advertisement will be printed and handed out at all of our games in 3 DIFFERENT CITIES! (Lake Stevens, Marysville, and Stanwood). There are 4 different sizes to choose from, we are hoping all small and large businesses will be able to support us, so we can support the community!

Size Price: $25 - Business Card | $60 - Quarter Page | $150 - Half Page | $250 - Full Page

Please send company logo or questions to Nikki Kautz at or call (425) 931-2664.

Thank you for visiting us and stay tuned for more Valkyrie news.


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