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Basketball Season is HERE!

August 4, 2023

It's official y'all! The Valkyries have spread their wings and are trying out something new. The goal? Continue raising funds for youth organizations, include more moms that don't necessarily want to play football and make memories with friends who become family. Valkyries is a unique organization that helps women step out of their comfort zone, crush goals, surrounds you with other uplifting women and you truly become family all in the name of fundraising.

For those who don't know, Valkyries football was established 10 years ago to raise money for kids who couldn't necessarily afford to play tackle football. So the Valkyries created a fundraiser to help alleviate those costs and provided scholarships. In 2022 the Valkyries made enough money that we had to reconsider the fact that we could help more than just football players and expanded to be able to help all youth sports under the age of 18. We started our own 501(c)3 and are now able to operate year round.

Enter basketball! Something to do in the off season of football not only to continue to fundraise but also build team comradery. This is going to be a learning year for everybody, but one thing is true, it will be fun, you will laugh, you will learn and you will make friends forever!

What we need from the community now: We are still looking for a handful of coaches. Please reach out to Nikki, the Valkyries President at 425-931-2664 or to find out more information. We are still looking for players! To find out more information about the season, we are hosting an information night at Penn Cove Brewery on August 15th at 6pm in the private upstairs loft. If you have already decided this if for you, please register under the shop link on our website at See you on the courts!


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